It’s hard to believe that it’s now been over five years that “Friday Night Lights,” one of the great television dramas of all time, aired its final episode on NBC. Undoubtedly, the show’s overall entertainment value was heightened by actor Brad Leland, who played the incomparable Dillion High booster Buddy Garrity on the show from 2006-2001.

Leland, a Texas resident and enormous football fan recently joined host Clint Switzer for an in-depth interview for our Elite Sports Podcast. During the interview, Leland discussed everything from the greatness of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (a Whitehouse, TX native) to the lasting legacy of “Friday Night Lights.”

The writers gave us a perfect blueprint.” Leland said during the interview. “I never thought of Buddy as a bad guy. What was important was Friday night and that extreme rush. Friday night was when he was in his element.”

Leland would go on to discuss some of his more recent projects, such as his role as storied football coach Victor Trenton on the recently released “The Last Whistle,” a film that is now available to stream via Netflix.

Listen to the complete interview with Brad Leland below

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