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First of all, we hope you all are staying safe during these times of great uncertainty and stress. We wanted to try our best to provide some fun and a much needed distraction from the real world. Let us introduce our 2020 NFL Quarterback Tiers, as we take you through 33 NFL quarterbacks and where they stack up. There are 9 tiers in which we separate the quarterbacks into and it should be an enjoyable read, unless your quarterback doesn’t end up in one of those good tiers. Without any further ado, we present our 2020 NFL Quarterback Tiers and we hope you all enjoy this and have some fun with it!

Head Scratcher Tier

Jarrett Stidham – The New England Patriots passed on taking a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft which left everyone scratching their heads. If Bill Belichick can take this quarterback and team further than Tom Brady and the Buccaneers go than that should answer the age old debate of who deserves more credit for the Patriots dynasty!

Bust Tier

Justin Herbert – Justin is the west coast kid with the flowing hair who looks like Disney Channel’s latest star in their upcoming show, The Bolt and the Beautiful. He just doesn’t have the leadership, grit, accuracy, clutch gene, or that “it” factor that elevates those around him to be worthy of the 6th pick in the draft. This has bust written all over it.

Below Average Tier

Baker Mayfield – Baker struggled last season with a bad coach in Freddie Kitchens, trying to feed Odell Beckham Jr. the ball too much, too many commercials on his plate, and snapping back at reporters or anyone in the media who challenged him. Baker needs to focus on his game, his team, and block out the outside noise to become a leader if he wants to climb his way out of the below average tier! It’s possible, but he will have to show us a new Baker Mayfield in 2020.

Mitch Trubisky – Mitch has to have a lot weighing on his mind right now. He was picked ahead of Patrick Mahomes and DeShaun Watson who dwarf him in terms of talent. He has to look over at the numbers they’re putting up and wonder if it will ever click for him and be his turn. Now, he has Nick Foles being brought in to challenge him and compete for the starting job. Mitch and the Bears may part ways very soon and you have to wonder if Mitch will ever recover and become the quarterback the Bears thought he was when they moved up from 3 to 2 in the draft to select him.

Dwayne Haskins – Inaccurate and struggling to pickup the offense were the words used to describe Dwayne early on in his career. Now, Washington has an entirely new coaching staff headed by Ron Rivera who is not tied to Dwayne. He will get this year to prove that he’s the guy, but it’s a long shot he will be the choice of the franchise moving forward in 2021.

Tyrod Taylor – A stop-gap quarterback for Cleveland before they put Baker Mayfield in and now a stop-gap quarterback for the Chargers before they put Justin Herbert in.

Promising Young Talent Tier

Daniel Jones – Eli Manning II aka Daniel Jones has the same look and mannerisms as Eli, so much so that it’s eerie to watch him back there because you think you’re watching Eli. The Giants have some talent and Daniel showed in his rookie year that he can make plays even in the clutch when the pressure rises.

Sam Darnold – Sam has a strange coach in Adam Gase who doesn’t want their star running back in Le’Veon Bell. The Jets just lost their one offensive weapon in the passing game in Robbie Anderson. Despite all that, Sam has shown the leadership and promise if the Jets ever do accidentally stumble into surrounding him with some level of help.

Drew Lock – Mizzou made, but now he’s with the enemy in Denver. He had a strong finish to the season coming in for Joe Flacco with his only loss, of course, coming against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos added a plethora of weapons including Melvin Gordon, Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hamler, and Albert Okwuegbunam. Drew should improve vastly with that arsenal, but while we like Drew and the Broncos draft, they are still missing that one thing to go head-to-head with the Chiefs and that is, Patrick Mahomes.

Tua Tagovailoa – If not for the injury, who knows, maybe Tua is the first overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals. However, the Dolphins got him with the 5th pick and that could be a steal. He has the leadership, intangibles, and the impressive talent to go with it. If he can stay healthy, he is the total package and the Dolphins will have just put themselves back on the map!

Joe Burrow – Joe Burrow set all sorts of records down in the bayou of Baton Rouge, Louisiana with one being 2nd all-time in completion percentage in college football history! Joe is not only a great kid that we got to talk to at SEC Media Days in 2019, but he is a mixture of humble and teetering between cocky and confident without stepping over the line into arrogance. He is a leader and one of the guys who will put in the work to earn the respect of his teammates. Not many can say that they’ve seen better throws than the ones Joe Burrow would make consistently time in and time out all of last season. The skies the limit for him and personally, here at GASN Sports, we are rooting for the kid to set the NFL world on fire!

Average Tier

Ben Roethlisberger – Out all last year with elbow surgery we will see what Big Ben has in store for 2020. The Steelers don’t have many offensive weapons and with Ben’s health in question we’re wondering if he will be rusty, therefore, he is in the average tier for now. We won’t count out the big man returning and lifting everyone’s play with his leadership in the huddle and magic in the pocket.

Philip Rivers – Too much wild man Rivers last year where he was forcing balls into double and triple coverage trying to make the big play all by himself. If Frank Reich can reign him in and go with a balanced attack led by a strong running game, then maybe Philip can work his way out of this average tier.

Jared Goff – Jared isn’t the same without his strong run game and the play action off that. The Rams must find a dynamic running back if they want the best version of Jared Goff. He appears to be a one trick pony and now that they took his one trick away his holster is empty. Not much fun to be in the OK Corral for a gun fight without a gun.

Derek Carr – The Raiders drafted Henry Ruggs III who ran a 4.27 40 yard dash. They think they just got the next Tyreek Hill, but unfortunately for the Raiders, Derek Carr isn’t quite the quarterback Patrick Mahomes is. Maybe with this influx of talent he can reach back into the 2016 well where he was an MVP candidate, but they have their work cut out for them in the AFC West.

Teddy Bridgewater – Teddy just went 5-0 last season with the Saints, but going to a new coaching staff and rebuild in Carolina won’t provide Teddy with the same stability and well-oiled machine he had in New Orleans. He’s accurate, but limited in arm talent so look for a zillion check downs to Christian McCaffrey.

Josh Allen – The Bills just added Stefon Diggs from Minnesota, but Josh just isn’t the accurate, leader, clutch quarterback to probably ever get into a higher tier.

Gardner Minshew – Minshew mania was fun for awhile. The Jags are trying it again, but this has the same feel as Lin-sanity did in the NBA which was very short lived and disastrous. We see the same thing happening here and maybe it’s for the best if they can tank for Trevor.

Above Average Tier

Jimmy Garoppolo – He, like Jared Goff, needs that strong run game to play action off of, but unlike the Rams, the 49ers have a great run game which plays to Jimmy’s strengths. The man was just up 20-10 in the Super Bowl before losing at the end because Chris Jones knocked down two of his passes. He also missed a crucial deep bomb to Emmanuel Sanders that could have changed the outcome.

Matthew Stafford – Stafford is always putting up numbers, a warrior out there on the field, and a leader on the team, but they just can’t ever seem to put it all together. Maybe the Lions were cursed by some witch in the 1800’s before their existence, “Shall there ever be a team named the Detroit Lions, I curse them to the depths of their league no matter who or what tries to change that outcome!” …. but that’s just our best guess as to what is going on with that franchise.

Matt Ryan – Matt Ryan has an MVP to his name and was beating Tom Brady 28-3 in a Super Bowl. Now, things didn’t quite end well in that situation, but he’s a talented quarterback that has now added Todd Gurley to the mix.

Ryan Tannehill – This is crazy. That’s what we were telling ourselves when putting Ryan in this tier. However, you can’t argue with his success last year. As long as Derrick Henry is there to give Ryan that play action where the linebackers bite up hard and he has clear passing lanes to wide open receivers down the field, he will stay in this tier.

Kirk Cousins – Kirk is consistently inconsistent, but when he’s on he can beat Drew Brees in the Superdome in a playoff game. Enough said.

Kyler Murray – Wow. A rookie made this tier. Maybe a tad too early, but he was impressive and all they did was add DeAndre “Nuke” Hopkins! I’m looking for big things in 2020 from the Cardinals and Kyler!

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty… Pretty Good Tier

Tom Brady – Tom terrific wasn’t so terrific last season so he can’t be placed in the elite tier. He does have more talent, but doesn’t have the genius defensive mind helping him out on the other side of the ball. It will be interesting to see how Tom transitions to a new team at the age of 43 with Bruce Arians’ downfield passing attack.

Carson Wentz – Can Carson stay healthy? Can Carson ever get past Nick Foles winning that Super Bowl instead of him? Can Carson be confident in his position when the Eagles just drafted Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round? This all sounds like too many issues for Carson to deal with, but having said that, he’s tough, he’s a gamer, and last season he made chicken salad out of chicken *bleep*.

Dak Prescott – Dak is not worth the money that Dallas is about to pay him and we think they should have traded him and tried to go after Teddy Bridgewater instead. Tying that much capital into a pretty good quarterback is not good business (see the Rams and Jared Goff). Now, Dak has wheels and can make some clutch plays, but he just doesn’t consistently play at a high enough level to warrant the deal he’s about to get.

DeShaun Watson – DeShaun is Houdini reincarnated as an NFL quarterback and has all the talent in the world to be in the Elite tier. Unfortunately, his head coach and general manager are the same lackluster human being in Bill O’Brien. He lost his best weapon in DeAndre “Nuke” Hopkins and will have to keep pulling rabbits out of his hat just for the Texans to stay competitive.

The Elite Tier

Russell Wilson – Russell has long been a quarterback we here at GASN Sports have admired. He’s not only a great guy in the community, but a leader on the field and a superb talent at the position. His high arching bombs seemingly always land just over the outstretched fingertips of defenders. His Fran Tarkenton-like style of play endear him to past and present generations of fans alike as he scrambles around in and out of impending trouble only to come up with the big play he was searching for.

Drew Brees – Drew has the stability and familiarity of the coaching staff, system, fan base, city, and team that allows him to keep going out year after year and competing for Super Bowls. They will be right there again because that’s who they are and what they do.

Lamar Jackson – Mel Kiper Jr. said the Ravens had the best draft class this year and they will again be the Chiefs #1 competition to make it to the Super Bowl. Lamar Jackson won the MVP and now has more weapons to continue his growth as a quarterback. This team is going to be scary and Lamar may win his 2nd MVP in back to back years.

Aaron Rodgers – Aaron is the Rodney Dangerfield of the his own organization right now. The Packers give him no respect, but even worse they give him no receivers. Instead, they decided not only to draft a quarterback, but move up to draft him! Aaron’s talents may be in decline, but the coaching staff is moving to a more run heavy scheme while not going out and adding receiver talent for Aaron to thrive. We believe Aaron is still in this Elite tier, but it also appears he’s being sabotaged by his own coach in Matt LaFleur.

Otherworldly Stratospheric Talent Tier

Patrick Mahomes – Patrick’s talents at the quarterback position are otherworldly as he has every intangible and tool you could want. He’s a leader, he’s humble, he’s charitable with his time and efforts in the community, he’s smart, he’s instinctive, he’s tough, he’s a gamer, he can make plays in and out of the pocket, he can razzle dazzle with a no look or off platform throw and quite simply he’s just a hardworking great young man. An MVP his first year starting, a Super Bowl championship and Super Bowl MVP his second year, and the Chiefs just added LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire in the draft. This gives him another weapon to make this offense go from dangerous to a one shot kill. That’s right, Patrick is now wielding the Golden Gun from the Nintendo 64 game Goldeneye.

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