Friday Night Lights star Brad Leland talks about show’s lasting legacy

It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since everyone’s favorite television Drama, “Friday Night Lights” aired its final episode. Without question, it is a show that stand’s the test of time and will continue to enthrall audiences on Netflix and DVD alike for years to come.One of the show’s principal actors, Brad Leland (who played football booster Buddy Garrity) recently called in to talk about the lasting impact of the show as well as the recent 10-year anniversary reunion that took place in Austin this past summer.

It was like we hadn’t been apart.” Leland explained. ” It felt like that same family all back again. It was a great homecoming.”

Leland went on to explain that he has only one regret for his Buddy Garrity character stating that he wishes Buddy had been given another chance at love after ruining his marriage due to an affair.

“I kept continuing to beg the writers and producers to give me a girlfriend.” Leland remarked while chuckling. “I’ve paid for years, don’t I even get a date?”

Listen to the full interview here

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