Biggest Winners and Losers: College Football Week 12

Another wild college football weekend is in the books and several teams made huge statements on Saturday. Unfortunately, many other teams found themselves on the outside looking in as the season winds down. Let’s take a look at this weeks biggest winners and losers:


Biggest Winners

  • Anyone that watched ESPN’s College Gameday. Alice Cooper joined Kirk and Lee as a guest prognosticator and that is as random as it is amazing. The 66 year-old shock rocker correctly picked eight games (he only missed on 3) and even found time to perform a  raucous concert at Joe Lewis Arena later that evening.
  • TCU. The Horned Frogs’ 41-20 win over K-State might have vaulted them into the College Football Playoff which would be enormous for coach Gary Patterson and the TCU program.
  • Kansas. The Jayhawks won its  first conference game in a calendar year (and only their third since 2010). Although, if a tree falls down in a forest…
  • CBS. When Alabama and LSU get it on, the nation will be watching, and a physical battle akin to Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant is expected. The game delivered and the Tide kept their playoff hopes alive with a 20-13 overtime win.


Baylor v Oklahoma

Biggest Losers

  • Oklahoma. Once considered a shoe-in for the College Football Playoff, the Sooners suffered a brutal beat-down at the hands of Baylor. OU found themselves on the outside of the coaches poll for the first time since 2009
  • Anyone that watched Michigan vs. Northwestern. If you watched this game from start to finish you deserve a gift card to Texas Roadhouse or perhaps some movie passes to see “Dumb and Dumber To.” Apparently it ended in a 10-9 Michigan victory but does anyone really win in a situation like this?
  • The state of Iowa. Iowa State lost to Kansas, a team that had only managed two conference wins since 2010 and Iowa were beaten senseless by a hockey school.
  • Utah’s Kaelin Clay. Clay appeared to have caught a potential game-changing touchdown against Oregon Saturday night, but dropped the ball before crossing the goal line. The ball was picked up by Oregon and returned for a touchdown. Obviously, you can’t fire a college player, but may he never receive another improper benefit again.


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