Chiefs vs. Texans: Thursday Night Football Kick-Off

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls it has finally arrived. The NFL is back and the people are ready for it! Who would have thought that the Kansas City Chiefs winning the Super Bowl, 50 years since its last, would have brought the world to a stand still? Yes, that is exactly what happened, only a few short weeks after their amazing comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers. Since then, the world stopped, everyone got locked up in their homes, businesses closed, sports halted, and the coronavirus took over.

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The Matchup

Fast forward to now, Thursday night marks the return of the NFL, and the American people are ready! What an exciting matchup we have to open the season between the Kansas City Chiefs vs. The Houston Texans. The Chiefs lost the first meeting in 2019 to the Texans in week 6, 31-24. Yet they met again in the divisional round of the playoffs, overcoming a 24-0 deficit, The Chiefs pulled out a big win, 51-31. Patrick Mahomes vs. Deshaun Watson will be a great matchup on Thursday night. We are talking about the two highest paid quarterbacks in the league–with a combined salary of $659 million over the next few years.

Passing Yards4031 yards3852 yards
Rushing Yards218413
Quarterback Comparison

This will make for some great Thursday night football! Will Mahomes, Edwards-Helair, Kelce, and Hill have the advantage? Or will Watson, Johnson, Cooks, and Fuller take over? In just one more day we will have the answer to that question, but for now–FOOTBALL IS BACK!

Let’s go! “Run it Back”!

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