Chiefs Safety Tyrann Mathieu lashes out at fans on Twitter after Chiefs win

Following a game in which he notched a key interception, Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu took to Twitter to battle with fans following the team’s 27-24 victory over Tampa Bay on Sunday.

Warning: Profanity Included

The following tweet has since been deleted

8 thoughts on “Chiefs Safety Tyrann Mathieu lashes out at fans on Twitter after Chiefs win

  1. Hey 32,
    Us original Chiefs fans know and appreciate your value. Johnny Robinson, Cherry, Spani. We’ll talk about you when your old.

  2. Mathieu I have been a dedicated CHIEFS fan since the first game when they came to K.C. My CHIEFS, win, lose or draw, have always made me proud! The Hunt family has prided themselves on a clean, family style organization. Please do not tarnish this image by reacting to comments, especially with bitterness and vulgar uncalled for filthy language. The CHIEFS rise above such situations and set a sample of ambassadorship to our team, city and it’s TRUE fans! Do not let the rival, fan or team, ral you into their level of intelligence!

    By the way great game, wonderfully timed interception for you and a very strong game plan by the coaches and execution by our players! GO CHIEFS! ❤🏈

    1. Baby in my opinion you can’t have a bad game. You give 110% and make some awesome plays. Now shake this off and make plans to break down those donkeys! Love me some honey badger!

  3. So sick of reading on these pages of people bitching if the CHIEFS do not blow a team out. Damn they are 10 and 1. Chiefs Kingdom is a proud place and if your 10 and 1 or 1 and 10 I love my CHIEFS always have and always will.

  4. Hey Honey Badger! You Rock! As do our awesome Team ! Chiefs Kingdom loves everyone of you guys! Don’t let some non fan upset you! I was out of my chair the entire game ! Your interception made us dance ! We know the isolation of the COVID Viruse is hard on all of you guys ! When the Haters write hateful comments remember everyone in chiefs Kingdom has your back and ignore them ! I have been part of the Kingdom since day one ! Win or Lose I love my Chiefs! I have adopted each and everyone of you as my grandsons and love your generosity to the community and your heartfelt love and hard work as our awesome team! You will be at the Super Bowl again! Love ya! Ignore the jerks !

  5. Hey Honey Badger, Ignore those idiotic Haters. You’re one helluva player and I’m so glad the Chiefs picked you up. Keep playing hard every game. The Chiefs Kingdom is proud to have you on the team.

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