Chiefs Refuse to Learn From Past Quarterback Mistakes

The Kansas City Chiefs and Quarterback Alex Smith have finally agreed to terms on a 4 year extension worth $68 million with $45 million in guarantees. Smith is guaranteed $30 million at signing and another $15 million in injury guarantees in March 2015. We are waiting to see how the contract is structured, but if it were to be split up equally that would mean Alex Smith would be earning $17 million per year. It’s hard to fathom this quarterback being worth anything near this amount of money, but when the Chiefs are involved, anything moronic is possible. Remember when we traded from Matt Cassel in 2009 and immediately signed him to a 6 year contract worth $63 million with $28 million in guarantees? The Chiefs quite clearly don’t understand the quarterback position and refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past.

alex head down

Since the time the Chiefs were graced with Joe Montana’s presence they have been in quarterback purgatory, but what is even worse is that they haven’t even tried to break free and find that franchise guy. Instead, they are too afraid of drafting another Todd Blackledge so they settle for the mediocre such as: Steve Bono, Elvis GrBac, Trent Green, Damon Huard, Matt Cassel, and now Alex Smith. The Chiefs haven’t drafted a 1st round quarterback since 1983 when they drafted Todd Blackledge who busted out of the league. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there have been 31 drafts since that time and in each of those 31 drafts the Chiefs have failed to draft a quarterback in the first round. They are too busy drafting studs like Ryan Sims, Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Jon Baldwin, Eric Fisher, and Dee Ford. When will this franchise learn that having an average quarterback won’t work unless your defense is unbelievably dominant and we can all agree that our defense is far from dominant.

alex fumbleLet’s just get right down to the point of all this though and stop dancing around the issue which is that THIS ORGANIZATION IS A JOKE!  With every new regime there is a feeling of hope that they will be the ones to break the quarterback curse and finally bring in that franchise stud, but every single time they let the fans down and bring in an “Alex Smith.” It appears that they hire people that know what they’re doing and understand how vital it is to have an outstanding quarterback. Dick Vermeil had Kurt Warner, Scott Pioli had Tom Brady, Andy Reid had Donovan McNabb, and John Dorsey had Aaron Rodgers, but as soon as they step into Arrowhead something horrible happens and they seem to forget everything they’ve ever known about quarterbacks. Maybe Clark Hunt is brainwashing them or erasing the part of their brains, Men In Black style, that knew what great quarterback play was all about. The Chiefs just seem so scared of being awful that they won’t even risk taking a quarterback in the first round in case he busts and the fans revolt. They appear more comfortable settling for an average quarterback to provide a mediocre product on the field which will always keep the fans saying, “Next year is our year!!!” As long as the Chiefs have quarterbacks like Alex Smith; next year will never be their year.





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8 thoughts on “Chiefs Refuse to Learn From Past Quarterback Mistakes

  1. This is one of the shallowest interpretations of the Chiefs I’ve read from anyone who is apparently paid to write. Maybe you should add a fourth paragraph that includes even a vague idea of what should be done differently considering the constraints of salary cap, draft classes, free agent markets, etc. But you didn’t, so I’m left to assume you just don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

  2. You really haven’t done your research at all. Did you even look at who the Chiefs could have drafted in those years at QB. I did look and we really only missed 2 since 2002 in the first round of the draft that are franchise QB’s. And that would be Aaron Rodgers and Joe Flacco. Rodgers was a huge miss but 23 other teams passed on him and the Chiefs drafted Derrick Johnson at 15th. Also Alex Smith went first overall. In 2005 we had Trent Green who had thrown for more than 4000 yards the previous 3 years and appeared to be a franchise QB. So we drafted the best LB still left on the board in a position of need.

    Here are the QB’S that were still on the board when we drafted and we’re picked in the first round Bridgewater, EJ Manuel, Brandon Weeden, Dalton, Tebow, Clausen, Sanchez, Freeman, P. White, Kolb, Stanton, Clemons, Shaub, C. Sims, Ramsey, McCown. Geno Smith, Kaepernick.

    I added a few second rounders so I could include Kaepernick in the conversation. So both Dalton and Kaepernick have signed franchise type deals so we missed on them but I’m still not sold that either are better QB than Smith.

    A lot of great QB’S have been selected in the last ten years but most of them were gone before KC had a chance to pick them. I guess we could have sold future drafts to trade up but that’s a different topic.

    So we look at 2008, we have Thigpen as our starter and we draft Albert 3 picks before Flacco. This is the only real mistake I see KC making in 10 years of drafting.

  3. Noah Gronniger, you are an idiot and I am amazed that you actually get paid to write this garbage. I assume that you consider yourself a Chiefs fan since you talk about when “we” traded for Cassel, but maybe you should consider switching to the donkey’s since they have the great Peyton Manning. Never mind the fact that he continually chokes in the playoffs-you seem like the kind of jackass that wouldn’t see that. If not that, go be a popup fan for any other team, the Chiefs don’t need “fans” like you.

  4. “I’ve got morons on my team…” great line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Applies here. These fans who with 20/20 hind sight and no knowledge of the NFL, ARE CERTAIN Smith will suck the next 5? years. Sure bad luck, and about 90% of NFL teams are “searching for the next Brady, Manning, Rodgers, etc. In the meantime, games have to be played. I am guessing Reid is the wizard here, so blame him.

  5. HAHAHA! You’re a joke bro. To say that Trent Green was a mediocre QB is ridiculous. Didn’t even finish reading the article. You want a Peyton or a Brady and those guys only come around once in a blue moon. Nice try on this one… Notice that Brady wasn’t drafted in the 1st round. Neither was Brees or Favre and they will both be a 1st Ballot hall of famers. I guess we could go the Cleveland and Buffalo route and draft a QB in the 1st round almost every year! Look how that turned out for them!

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