Watch: Chiefs’ Top 15 late game heroics of the last 25 years

The Chiefs have had their fair share of late game heroics in their history dating back to their arrival in 1963. We all know the 1993 playoffs saw some of the greatest late game heroics from a legend with the ultimate clutch gene, Joe Montana. He led comebacks in those playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers and then the Houston Oilers to get the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game! However, for this list we are going back 25 years to the start of the 1994 season all the way up to present day.

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Honorable Mentions

The best of the rest

#15 – Chiefs vs. Ravens (2018)

4th and 9 starts at the 2 hour mark

#14 Chiefs @ Patriots (2019)

Breeland’s 4th down pass deflection starts at the 42:50 mark

#13 Chiefs @ Falcons (2016)

Eric Berry’s 2pt conversion int TD starts at the 32 min mark

#12 Chiefs vs. Chargers (2016)

Alex Smith’s OT run to victory starts at the 2 hr 42 min mark

#11 Chiefs vs. Chargers (2011)

Philip Rivers’ fumble of the snap starts at 2 hr 27 min

#10 Chiefs @ Panthers (2016)

Eric Berry’s int TD starts at 35:40 mark & Marcus Peters’ strip of the ball starts at 43:50 mark

#9 Chiefs @ Broncos (2016)

This picture is amazing! Eric Fisher and Dustin Colquitt think Cairo Santos missed it!
Brandon McManus’ missed fg then Cairo Santos’ made fg starts at the 2 hr 50 min mark

#8 Chiefs vs. Broncos (2003)

#7 Super Bowl LIV (2019)

video starts at the comeback late in the 4th

#6 Chiefs @ Packers (2003)

Ahman Green’s fumble starts at the 26 min mark

#5 Chiefs vs. Raiders (1995)

#4 Chiefs @ Raiders (1997)

#3 Chiefs vs. Chargers (1995)

#2 Chiefs vs. Broncos (1997)

Pete Stoyanovich’s 54 yard fg starts at the 2 hr 21 min mark

#1 Chiefs @ Broncos (1994)

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