NHL: Nikita Kucherov On Target For 130 Point Season

One of the more interesting things to watch coming down the stretch of this current NHL season is, Tampa Bay Lightning Right Winger Nikita Kucherov’s quest for a 130 point season. To date, Kucherov is on par for 132 points (108 points in 68 games). 

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Once Upon an NHL Fan

An NHL Fan Is Born

I remember it like it was yesterday. #12 evading defenders, skating over the line, and just as the big hit was about to be delivered, sending a pin point perfect pass to #16 who then blasted a screaming slap-shot past the helpless goaltender. It was 1991 and I was playing EA Sports “NHL Hockey” for the first time. I had chosen the St. Louis Blues because they were the closest team to my hometown of Kansas City and they had a cool logo, the

classic musical note with the wing attached. I didn’t know who #12 or #16 were at the time, but I could tell from the very beginning that they must be stars, whoever they were. I was killing it with these guys! As it would turn out, #12 and #16 were Adam Oates and Brett Hull, two of the games biggest stars. I was instantly hooked and started watching hockey on ESPN whenever I could. I’d buy hockey cards and started reading sports almanacs to learn more about the history of the game and its players. I became a St. Louis Blues fan and would attend games in St. Louis a few times a year. In short, I was the guy the NHL was trying to find in the 90’s and they found me. I bought jerseys, went to games, and followed the standings and stats daily. I sat on the edge of my couch through every dramatic playoff game. I’m 41 years old now. I make a good living and I now live in an NHL city…..and I don’t care anymore. Continue reading “Once Upon an NHL Fan”

10 ideas WCW had that were actually great

WCW was a wrestling company which was filled with ups and downs from 1988 until it’s ultimate closing in 2001. Unquestionably, the fledgling organization made many mistakes which lead to its demise but there were quite a few memorable moments along the way. Continue reading “10 ideas WCW had that were actually great”

No Holds Barred Wrestling- WCW Starrcade ’97

Clint Switzer & Noah Gronniger discuss one of the biggest WCW pay-per-views of all time and how the company managed to botch the event. Continue reading “No Holds Barred Wrestling- WCW Starrcade ’97”

Rousey was the latest victim of U.S. celebrity hype machine

In America, it’s commonplace to see fans and media help build fame for celebrities only to cheer on their eventual demise. Ronda Rousey is, perhaps, one of the most applicable examples of this phenomenon in recent memory as her fall from grace has been well documented over the past year. Continue reading “Rousey was the latest victim of U.S. celebrity hype machine”

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