VIDEO Chiefs Undaunted Super Bowl LIV champions

The Chiefs remained undaunted in their pursuit of a Super Bowl title following a dramatic come-from-behind victory over the San Francisco 49ers last Sunday.

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Super Bowl LIV: 50 years in the making; a perspective from former players

The Kansas City Chiefs have made the Super Bowl for the first time in 50 years. The Chiefs have had a lot of opportunities throughout the years with championship caliber teams, but always fell short for one reason or another.

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VIDEO: Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl LIV (The Grand Spectacle)

The Kansas City Chiefs have reached the Superbowl for the first time since 1970 and it’s time to revel in the occasion. This emotional video sets the scene for the glamour and pageantry of the event while also appreciating the team’s rich history.

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AFC Championship: Chiefs vs. Titans Ultimate Hype Video

The Kansas City Chiefs return to the AFC Championship game for the 2nd year in a row at Arrowhead stadium! The Chiefs appeared to be entering the playoffs as the 3 seed, but with some unforeseen events transpiring the Chiefs became the 2 seed. Now, the Chiefs host the Titans this Sunday for the right to go to Super Bowl LIV. We all know about the failures of the past, including last year’s AFC Championship against the Patriots, but this is a different year with a more complete team that’s on a unique path in what is looking to be a special journey! The past has led them to this point as great men laid the foundation for success and helped them get to where they are today. So without further ado, here is our Chiefs vs. Titans AFC Championship Ultimate Hype Video!

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Chiefs vs. Titans AFC Championship Hype Video

Let us know your thoughts on the video and on the upcoming AFC Championship game in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and watching!

The Ultimate Chiefs vs. Texans Playoff Hype Video

The Kansas City Chiefs face-off against the Houston Texans on Sunday in a rematch from week 6 that saw the Texans hand the Chiefs their second straight home loss, 31-24. However, in this game, the loser will be sent packing as their season will come to a close following Sunday’s AFC divisional round playoff matchup. The Chiefs come into this game a much different team than they were back in week 6. Unlike last post-season, the Chiefs have themselves a defense that they have packed to carry with them on this playoff run. For those of you that remember the 1996 film Happy Gilmore and the line, “Happy learned how to putt, uh oh” we can apply that to this years Chiefs team, “The Chiefs learned how to play defense, uh oh.”

Chiefs vs. Texans Playoff Hype 2019

What the Chiefs were in week 6

When the Chiefs took the field against the Texans back in week 6 they were without DT Chris Jones, WR Sammy Watkins, LT Eric Fisher, LG Andrew Wylie, and LB Anthony Hitchens. Also, Tyreek Hill only played around 50% of the snaps that day while Patrick Mahomes was still dealing with his lingering ankle injury that got stepped on again the prior week against Indianapolis as well as that day against the Texans. The Chiefs were an absolute sieve against the run allowing the Texans to dominate time of possession 39:48 to 20:12! Who could forget the disappearance of the pass interference penalty when Travis Kelce was tackled which led Patrick Mahomes to believe he had a free play which ended in an interception. The refs inexplicably picked up the flag and the interception stood which was a huge swing in that game.

What the Chiefs are now

Now, the Chiefs have found themselves on defense, Frank Clark is no longer dealing with any of his early season ailments, Terrell Suggs has been added to the mix, and while the Chiefs will miss Juan Thornhill they are relatively healthy and at full strength heading into this game with the Texans. Patrick Mahomes looks like he’s back to the 2018 healthy version even without the gaudy numbers. The Chiefs are playing a complimentary brand of football trying to possess the football and move the chains instead of scoring quickly which ultimately leave the defense out to dry. Tyrann Mathieu has become the unquestioned leader of this defense and may already find himself in the running for top 5 off-season acquisition (free agent/trade) the Chiefs have ever made along with Joe Montana, Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes and Willie Roaf. The Chiefs have improved vastly since week 6 and I’m not sure anyone can say the Texans are a better team than they were back then.

Chiefs 2018 vs. Chiefs 2019: By the Numbers

  • Scoring: 2018 (34.8 – 1st) 2019 (28.2 – 5th)
  • Passing Yards: 2018 (303.2 – 3rd) 2019 (281.1 – 5th)
  • Rushing Yards: 2018 (115.3 – 15th) 2019 (98.1 – 23rd)
  • Total Yards: 2018 (418.5 – 1st) 2019 (379.2 – 6th)
  • Offense by qtr: 2019 (1st qtr – 7th) (2nd qtr – 1st) (3rd qtr – 8th) (4th qtr – 28th)
  • Opp Scoring: 2018 (26.2 – 24th) 2019 (19.2 – 7th)
  • Opp Passing Yards: 2018 (272.3 – 31st) 2019 (221.4 – 8th)
  • Opp Rushing Yards: 2018 (132.1 – 27th) 2019 128.2 (26th)
  • Opp Total Yards: 2018 (404.3 – 31st) 2019 (349.6 – 17th)

Chiefs @ Oilers 1993 Divisional Round Playoff Game

We want to here your thoughts on this upcoming playoff game against the Texans, so let us know in the comments section below! Thanks for watching and reading!

Video: The official Tom Brady send-off after 20-13 loss to Titans

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots season ended on Saturday, January 4th, 2020 in a 20-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans. It ended with Tom throwing a pick 6 in the closing seconds to former Patriot, Logan Ryan. The week prior against the Dolphins, Tom Brady threw a pick 6 to another former Patriot in Eric Rowe where they also lost 27-24.

Is the dynasty dead? If so, what’s next?

The dynasty may be over as there are talks swirling of Tom retiring or perhaps joining the Los Angeles Chargers. That would be a fit because Tom could be closer to where he grew up, on a team with a better supporting cast, and in a warm climate which his wife Gisele has been pushing for. Time will tell, but for now we have a wonderful Tom Brady send-off video for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy the video that follows an ad from our great friends and sponsors, Noble Apparel!

The official Tom Brady send-off video

Click here to watch:

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Logan Ryan’s pick 6 to win the game 20-13

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below on Tom Brady and if you feel the dynasty is officially over?

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