The Royal Rebuild: Off and Running

Royals’ baseball for so long was all about losing. That is what people of my generation knew for most of their lives. There were a couple decent teams with winning seasons between the ’85 team and the ’14 and ’15 teams, but for the most part it was a brutal 25 years. That was a huge part of the reason the magic of ’15 was so amazing though. That being said, we actually get to legit talk about the Royals in a rebuilding conversation, and not just about how bad will they be this season type of conversation. So even if this season is a losing season as I predicted in an earlier article, we really should be focusing on the future of this team. 

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Royals 2020 Vision and Beyond: Catcher Edition

Dayton’s Dream

Kansas City Star

Dayton Moore promised the Royals would be competitive again by 2020-2021. Well with that in mind, I am trying to get in Dayton Moore’s mind and see the 2020 vision and the vision beyond 2020. Ultimately, we all want to see if the Royals can get to another World Series someday soon. Well I aim to breakdown our chances in the future seasons by evaluating our current team and the stars of tomorrow in our minor league system. These articles could get extremely lengthy if I tried to cover everyone in the system. So instead I will break them down by the position. Given the fact that we just lost one of our biggest stars, Salvador Perez to season ending Tommy John Surgery, I felt this would be a good time to start with our catchers.

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Kansas City Royals: 2019 Season Preview

We are officially one month away from Opening Day at the K, and this seems like a good time to start projecting our expectations for the Royals this season. Spring Training is under way, with the first televised Spring Training game-taking place tomorrow. So what can we expect to see based on the practices and the few games we have played so far? Well like most things involving Kansas City sports, it is tough to predict.

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Become a GASN contributor

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10 reasons why I hate baseball

Admittedly, there was probably a time where the game of baseball was a stirring and relevant sport. Back, say, in the 1920’s when there was not much else to do other than play kick the can or marbles, American’s reveled in its baseball heroes of the time. Continue reading “10 reasons why I hate baseball”

Royals Review April 19

Well, here we are after 13 games. A long season is still upon us. We die-hards will continue to watch every night if we can, and those of us who do can notice some trends along the way. Obviously, 13 games is a very small sample size based on a 162 game schedule. However, it’s worth noting a few things. As I write, the Royals hold a 2-run lead through 8 innings, which I can only surmise will be saved by Wade Davis and his magical right arm. With that being said, result not-withstanding, here are a few observations from the season thus far. Continue reading “Royals Review April 19”