Carmelo AnthoNY to sign 5 year deal with Knicks

Reports are swirling that Carmelo Anthony is set to return to the New York Knicks on a 5 year deal. 


Many pundits have thought that the best place for Carmelo Anthony to sign if he really wanted to start winning was with the Chicago Bulls. However, Carmelo probably looked at that situation and felt unsure about the lack of scoring around him and if Derrick Rose can ever really stay healthy. There were always questions surrounding the Bulls on how they’d handle the Carlos Boozer situation whether they amnesty him, keep him, or try to trade him. Everyone thought the best and most likely was to amnesty Boozer, but Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf isn’t know for throwing money away and paying Boozer $16.8 million to go away is exactly that, throwing money in the trash. 

Phil Jackson Press ConferenceNow that Carmelo Anthony appears to have signed back with the Knicks everyone can start looking forward to how that situation may play out. Carmelo has decided to sign where the he can make the most money, where he loves the city of New York, and where hitching your wagon to “Zen Master” Phil Jackson is never a bad thing. Although Phil won’t be coaching, at least in the immediate future, he does have Derek Fisher who will be somewhat of a puppet with Phil pulling the strings behind the curtain. Those who say Carmelo signed with the Knicks just for the money couldn’t be more wrong as the two other teams Carmelo was seriously looking at in the Lakers and Bulls have many of their own issues and don’t have the one and only Phil Jackson. Kobe Bryant is getting older and the Lakers don’t have any other pieces around him let alone a Head Coach; while the Chicago Bulls have some nice pieces on the roster and a proven Head Coach, but what can you really expect from Derrick Rose returning off a second serious knee injury? Carmelo made the right move for a multitude of reasons, but the main one being that he wants to win a championship and Phil Jackson is known for doing just that. 

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