Brodie Croyle set numerous school records during his career at Alabama including most passes attempted without an interception (190) and passing yards in a season.

After a short NFL career was derailed by injuries, the Alabama native found his calling working on his family’s Big Oak Ranch ¬†a¬†Christian¬†home and school founded by his father for children from troubled and abusive situations.

Alabama went 0-4 against rival Auburn during Croyle’s time in Tuscaloosa and Auburn fans throughout the state will not soon forget the game in 2005 in which the Tigers sacked the Tide QB 11 times.

People live and die with this game.” Croyle explained during an interview with our Saturday SuprEmaCy podcast. “I’ll tell you a story that will sum it all up. I won’t even talk football. My wife, when we got married we moved to Kansas City and played there, got to live there for five years. It was great but there’s a big difference between NFL and college. As great as Kansas City fans are, there’s always next week. When it comes to Alabama and the SEC, people live and die by this game. When we moved back to Alabama about six weeks later my wife calls me laughing hysterically on the phone. She said she was driving down the road and pulled up and there was this minivan. Right there on the bumper there was a sticker that said “Honk if you Sacked Brodie.” When I was a senior I went down there and got sacked 11 times in one game. If that doesn’t sum up what the rivalry is…

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