Superbowl 50: The common denominator

With Super Bowl 50 looming, the last two teams standing remain hopeful that their 53 guys are better than the other 53 guys on Super Sunday. For argument sake lets reduce these numbers down to a common denominator β€” the two opposing quarterbacks. Continue reading “Superbowl 50: The common denominator”

Inside Look: NFL Scouting Combine

This  time each year, during the month of February,  350 collegiate football prospects arrive in Indianapolis to be evaluated by every team in the NFL. It is an invitation – only opportunity for players who have completed their college eligibility or who have declared to leave the college ranks after three years. The position group who  consistently receives the most attention are the Quarterbacks. Normally a range of 18 – 22 Quarterbacks are issued an invitation to participate each year.

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Bill Walsh: Remembering a Champion

As the achievements and disappointments of the recent Super Bowl become more distant with each passing weekend, a lasting Super Bowl “high mark” stirs my memory. This reflection evolves from a man who coached in three Super Bowls and won all three Super Bowl games to become a three time champion. There  have been other great coaches, and there will be other great coaches to come along, but it is doubtful whether there will ever be another quite like Bill Walsh of the San Francisco 49ers. It’s sad that he is gone, but it was a deep pleasure for all of football to have had him. Just ask the men who coached with him, the players who played for him and the media who covered him. Creator of the West Coast Offense, Bill Walsh created winning football programs at every level; High School, College and NFL teams that fired on all cylinders. Every person who was a part of his journey was driven. Coach Walsh gave it all to football and the game today is better because of him.

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Trent Green: Courage Under Fire

“A Snapshot of a NFL Quarterback”

In recent years the NFL has enjoyed enormous popularity. During these times, football players pass through the NFL and leave their mark. Some marks are positive and some less positive. This story is about a NFL Quarterback with the right stuff who played with a competitive edge, who carried himself with defining class, and who left an indelible mark of leadership with his teammates and coaches. One evening in October, Trent Green’s life changed forever. With the sudden loss of his father, the Quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs was playing a football game for the first time in his life without the proud eyes of his father watching. The loss of a parent is something almost everyone will have to deal with at one point in time. With the support of his personal family and his Chiefs’ family, Trent managed to deal with his loss not only privately, but publicly, when he resumed his role as starting Quarterback within days of his personal loss.

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NFC Championship: A Blue Print For Failure

More football games are lost due to kicking results than are won. Kicking situations are an area in which the big error is more in evidence than is the brilliant execution. This was never more evident than in Green Bay’s loss to Seattle for the NFC Championship. A ridiculous error by the Packers in defending a fake field goal by the Seahawks late in the third quarter. Seattle’s execution of the play was top notch considering the holder turned passer was running to his left and making a right handed pass to the corner of the end zone for six points.

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