Arthur Moats: Man of the Year Nominee

In today’s world of media it seems like all we hear about is the negative stories and it’s no different when it comes to NFL storylines. On the surface it appears that’s all there is whether it’s domestic violence, child abuse, DUI’s, or suspensions. However, there are plenty of great men in the NFL doing a vast array of charitable endeavors and not only giving their money, but giving themselves and their time to be there for those less fortunate. These players who don’t get talked about enough for their big hearts are up for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award, an award for excellence on and off the field. For us, the one who stands out above the rest is Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Arthur Moats.

Vote Arthur Moats for Walter Payton Man of the Year! Just simply type #MoatsWPMOYChallenge on any social media platform and make sure to keep posting that as much as possible to keep casting votes for Arthur! Also, make sure the hashtag is bold because if not that vote won’t get counted! Voting ends January 8th so get your votes in as many times as possible between now and then.

Personal Note

On a personal note, as we started out on this venture back in 2012 when we were just a small podcast we reached out to Arthur to be a guest on our show. There was no red tape or questions as to who we were or how many people are listening, yet just a simple “I’d love to come on with you guys.” Since then, Arthur has been on numerous times throughout the years and he’s not just one of our favorite guests, but we consider him a friend as well.  Arthur’s generosity has blown us away as he even gave us a video recommendation for our press kit as we look to break into the sports media world.  (Arthur Moats recommendation for us is at the 2:49 mark) 

Charitable Endeavors & Giving Back

Arthur Moats with Pennsylvania State Trooper George Hare.

Before one of our interviews with Arthur we had learned of a story about a Pennsylvania State Trooper, George Hare, who had been injured on the job and Arthur had gone to visit him in the hospital. Keep in mind there were a lot of black athletes and non athletes alike protesting the police, but Arthur knew not all police can be lumped into that category just as not all athletes can be lumped in as domestic abusers. When we asked Arthur about giving his time to go visit George he said, “I feel like the position we’re in as professional athletes, people look up to us. Anytime you’re able to do something like that and let them know we appreciate everything they do it goes a long way. It was a very humbling experience and I believe a good experience for both of us.”

Arthur Moats after helping furnish the families home.
Arthur Moats after helping furnish the families home.

Arthur also does amazing work with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Pittsburgh. It started with one visit and has

Arthur Moats and the kids from the Boys and Girls Club.
Arthur Moats and the kids from the Boys and Girls Club.

turned into regular visits spending time with the families, lifting their spirits, having fun game nights, ice cream and cookie parties, and will match donations made to the end of 2016 up to $55,000. He has delivered new furniture to a family in need, gave $200 gift cards to kids in the boys and girls club, donated $300,000 to his alma mater James Madison University, been part of the United Way, helps out with youth football clinics, and so much more.

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