Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison Not A Fan of Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky: “F*ck That N*gga.”

Kentucky lost in their Final Four match-up against Wisconsin on Saturday night, 71-64. Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison was understandably upset, but took it too far when he thought he was saying something about Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky under his breath. The microphones at these press conferences are very sensitive and picked up what Andrew had to say when a reporter asked the Kentucky students about the Wisconsin standout, “Fck that ngga.” It was a tough loss for a team that was 2 wins away from finishing the season 40-0, but instead finished 38-1 and obviously Andrew needed more time to calm down and process the disappointment. Let’s hope he issues an apology to Frank Kaminsky and his team for that unsportsmanlike response.

In case you didn’t catch that…

This isn’t the first time a player this year has been caught off guard by the mics being so sensitive. Funny enough, it was Wisconsin on the other end of this mistake last time. Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes obviously has the hots for the stenographer at this press conference when he says, “God, she’s beautiful.” 


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