Video: Alex Smith turns 36 and he’s still training in hopes of NFL comeback

Alex Smith is celebrating his 36th birthday today and his hopes of an NFL comeback were not just for show in the recent E:60 profile, Project 11. This morning Alex’s wife, Elizabeth, took to Instagram to wish him a happy birthday. She also talked about his strength and perseverance through this all as well as sharing a video of Alex still training in hopes of that NFL comeback. The Project 11 piece gave us all an inside look into a man we did not know going through a struggle we could not comprehend or fathom. We all want to wish Alex not just a happy birthday, but a happy and healthy life moving forward, whatever that life may look like, NFL comeback or not.

Alex Smith: Project 11

Alex Smith Training Video

Click the arrow on the right side of the picture of Alex and his wife Elizabeth to watch the video. (via @lizbsmith11)

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