Contest for Signed Alex Smith Chiefs Mini Helmet

The Great American Sports Network is giving you a chance to win this Riddell Chiefs mini-helmet signed by Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.  Caption one of these three photos below (be sure to signify which photo you are captioning by putting 1, 2 or 3 before your caption). Make sure to put put your comment at the bottom of this article under the “leave a reply” section.

The best caption will be chosen on Saturday, July 26th and the winner will be promptly notified. You MUST like the Great American Sports Network on Facebook to be eligible.  CLICK HERE to like.


        Photo 1                                              Photo 2                                                  Photo 3


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12 thoughts on “Contest for Signed Alex Smith Chiefs Mini Helmet

  1. 2. Bro, you sure them tattoos are applied right? They might start rubbing off when you go up against my Dee-fense.

  2. 2.) Alex to Colin: “Hey man, I’m thinking of getting a tat. An ARROWHEAD would look awesome, don’t you think?”

  3. #2: Kap: “Do you even lift bro?”
    Alex: “Dont worry about me kap, I’l be doing plenty of lifting when I’m hoisting up that Lombardi Trophy for KC”

  4. 2 – Kap “Sorry Alex but some guys just got what it takes to get there and some guys don’t? You went undefeated through 7 games and they still played me through the playoffs and Super Bowl?” Alex “Your right Kap and those guys usually are drafted #1 overall in the NFL DRAFT and then make the same kind of money as a QB that’s already won Super Bowls and been to multiple Pro Bowls. Anyways see ya in the Super Bowl in a couple years, maybe you can be there to see me win my first ring and then become the highest paid player in the league, 😉 Later Kap!”

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