(video) Adrian Peterson on Crutches and Seahawks at Rams Fan Fight

In last night’s Sunday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, running back Adrian Peterson had his ankle stepped on from behind as his knee twisted. When the pile was uncovered, last years leading rusher was clenching his right leg writhing in pain. He couldn’t put any weight on it as he hopped back to the locker room. Here is the video of him in the locker room after the game: 

Adrian Peterson in the locker room after the game

Seahawks @ Rams – fan fight and panicked father

During the Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Rams game an altercation occurred between rival fans. One woman, just trying to walk passed them, was shoved down onto a father and son. The father lost his cool and in a panic tried to get his son out of harms way by screaming and pleading for someone to help. Here is that video: 

*Videos courtesy of @SlaterNFL & @MichaelJordyn2

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